Hyer Elementary ‘Shake it Off’ with Reading Viral Video

Taylor Swift music has had her fans dancing since the early 2000′s with her catalog of hits, and her latest, “Shake it Off” has been a sensational viral hit. Hyer Elementary reached out to MediaTech to assist with the recordings in their new campaign to promote reading for their students.

Instruct Mike Musal and his Audio 101 classes assisted the pint-size elementary students on the hit track at our Dallas campus.

Watch the video below!

If it’s stuck in your head, you’re welcome!


Press Release: MediaTech Institute Expands Web Design and Development Program

Web Design & Development Now Offered
MediaTech Institute engaging students with new digital program

Dallas, Texas: MediaTech Institute expands their program offerings to include the Web Design and Development program at the Dallas, Austin, Houston and Oceanside, California campuses. The Web Design & Development program emerges on the heels of the recently launched Animation and Visuals Effects program.

Vice President and Campus Director (Dallas), Tracy Terrell Doyle believes students who graduate from this program will succeed in this competitive, emerging field. “Our mission is to train students for life-long careers encompassing the creation and distribution of digital content.” She believes providing education to students that want a career in Web Development & Development was a natural progression for MediaTech because the Internet is and always will be the digital marketplace for business. Doyle continues by adding the job market for Web Developers has more work than skilled developers. “If your interest is web design, now is the time to get the training you need to start working in the field you’re passionate about,” said Doyle.

Enrollment is open for the August 24, 2015 start date for all MediaTech Institute campuses.

MediaTech Institute birth from the legendary Dallas Sound Lab now offers five programs: Digital Film & Video, Animation & Visual Effects, Recording Arts, Mobile Application Development and now, Web Development & Design. The new program will offer classes in, but not limited to:
- CMS, WordPress and Web Form Creations
- PHP, Database Structures
- Flash, Java Script
- Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

For a detail view of the Web Design & Development program visit http://mediatech.edu/programs/web-development-design or contact an Admissions Representative at one of our four campuses.

About MediaTech Institute: MediaTech Institute is a technical art school located in Dallas, Austin, Houston and Oceanside, California. Our mission is to provide educational advancement in digital technologies, multimedia production and entertainment industries focusing on skills and knowledge for students in their careers and beyond the classroom. MediaTech Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).


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Music Business Empowerment with The Sessions Panel

How do I protect myself as a musician/artist? What is the best way to market my record label? Why is networking important in this industry? These are only a blink of the many questions to be answered (and asked) at The Sessions Panel.

MediaTech Institute – Dallas will be hosting the talk panel next Monday, May 11th from 1pm – 6pm in our Live Sound area. The event will include a variety of speakers, ranging from Saturday Night Live saxophonist, Christine Ohlman to entertainment lawyer, Paul Quin.

Although the event is F-R-E-E and open to the public, you HAVE to register on their website, www.thesessions.org/register

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Don't miss this EMPOWERING day next Monday May 11 in Dallas…have you registered? …

Posted by The Sessions Panel on Monday, May 4, 2015

Miking Acoustic Guitars

As I’ve watched some young engineers record acoustic guitars (or any acoustic instrument such as a mandolin, ukulele, etc), I’ve discovered that very little thought seems to go into this process. So I’ll briefly share some techniques that I personally use which will undoubtedly yield you some great results! These aren’t new or groundbreaking techniques by any means, but I’ve noticed that a shockingly large number of engineers do not get good captures when it comes to these instruments.

So here we go; let’s start with two quality small diaphragm condenser microphones. And no, they do NOT need to be a matched stereo pair. They don’t even need to be the same make or model of microphone! This is a very common misconception. Examples of the mics that I use for this application are the Audio Technica DR3700 (also known as the AT Pro37), the Audio Technica 2021 (very, very similar to the DR3700 and Pro 37), the Shure SM81, the Shure KSM141, the Neumann KM184, the Octava MK-012, and even the MXL 991. Now I understand that many of these mics are considered fairly high-dollar. But don’t fret, I’ve achieved good results with lesser mics many times. Just do your best with what you have! One of my favorite mic combos for this is the AT 2021 on the neck and the MXL 991 on the bridge, which are both under $100.00!

Now that we’ve got some ideas for which microphones to use, we need to address the ever-challenging issue of physical placement for the mics. This is also something that I see many, many engineers struggle with. So let’s take a look at the very popular X-Y coincident pair; I really hope you guys are familiar with this technique. If you aren’t, do some research on this because it is easily one of the most used and effective miking techniques ever invented. By creating a 90 degree angle with the two mic capsules, you virtually eliminate phasing issues and allow yourself a capture that is a more accurate and “complete” representation of the sound source. Now let’s talk about proximity effect; this is a huge problem. As most of you know, the proximity effect comes from microphones being placed too close to a sound source, resulting in an undesirable low-end boom in your tracks. Sometimes this can be filtered out without much of a problem, but why do that when you can do things correctly from the get-go?! So let’s start a good 10-12 inches away from our sound source (our acoustic guitar or mandolin or whatever it may be). One microphone aimed at the bridge of the instrument, and the other aimed at the neck. Try swapping the mics to see which is yielding a better capture for each side of the instrument.

Using these two signals in the mixing stage is where the fun comes in! Make note of which mic you placed on the neck and which one is on the bridge. Pan them in any way you see fit for you mix. Enjoy!

-Josh Franklin, MediaTech Institute Alumni




Student Testimonial- Johnny Cromer

Check out what our student Johnny Cromer has to say about his experience at MediaTech Institute:

What can I say about MediaTech Dallas? For beginners, I can say “Creativity Is Welcome Here” because it surely is. Case in point, I helped a classmate out with his large band project, and we had to have drums and 15 tracks in all. After mixing the drums, we still needed seven more tracks to call the project complete. I added four more tracks by playing acoustic guitar, harmonica, kazoo, and sang. My classmate thought of using handclaps and finger snaps, so that added two more tracks. A tech happened by the studio we had booked and sat down at the Steinway and added another track. That was our 15 tracks. Now we could take down everything and go home. If that ain’t being creative, I don’t know what is!

Now a word about the staff. They are AWESOME. There is no doubt in my mind you can go to any staff member with a problem and they would help you find a solution. But, they cannot read minds, you have to tell them.



Tha Kracken! coming to MediaTech Dallas- Friday, June 27th at 2:00 PM

Please join us in welcoming Tha Kracken to MediaTech Institute Dallas! He will be guest speaking on Friday, June 27th at 2:00 PM! Please find his bio below:

When you look up the definition to the word “Chameleon” you very well may see the name “Tha Kracken!” The hard work that Tha Kracken put into his Chameleon styled production has paid off as he has found himself working with nationally known artists as Mya, Jermaine Dupree, Jagged Edge, Cherish, Lloyd, Young Joc, Bow Wow and Omarion, KeKe Palmer, Pleasure P., and Lecrae. The multi-talented producer considers himself an music producer who can “go in and do it all.” That includes writing, arranging, and actually playing the music. Tha Kracken learned to play every instrument he could because he thought that all music producers did so.

His official entry into the music game began with his first placement on Jermaine Dupri’s “Young Fly and Flashy”  From that point came more success with the single for Jagged Edge “Good Luck Charm” which was nominated for a American Music award for best R&B Favorite R&B/Soul Band, Duo or Group RIAA certified Gold. Single. He is responsible for the 2006 summer smash “Do It To it” by Cherish that was certified gold by the RIAA.  He also received an ASCAP Pop Music Award in April 2007 for most played song. Summer 2007 everybody was singing the catchy and memorable hook to “Coffee Shop” Yung Joc’s first single off his second album Hustlenomics. Fall 2007 all the ladies were being crooned to and mesmerized with Bow Wow Omarion’s first single “Girlfriend.”  Off of there best of the best world album Face Off.   Spring 2008 Tha Kracken continued to add to his resume by lending his production talents to Pleasure P’s Debut album, and in 2009 Mac 10’s Single “So Sharp.”  In 2010 he teamed up with Reach Records to give them a more mainstream sound for the fast rising Christian Hip Hop genre.  He made Hip Hop History with Reach Records’ artist Lecrae who released his album “Rehab” selling over 25K in the first week and  was #17 on the BillBoard Top 200, #1 on the Christian and Gospel Charts, #1 on the independent Charts, and #5 on the Rap Charts. These Billboard numbers have never been achieved by any Faith Based Christian Hip Hop artist.  In 2012 he lent his production skills to Lecrae album “Gravity” which sold over 70K albums in the first week charting at #1 on the BillBoard Hip Hop Chart.  He has worked with every artist signed to the Reach Records and as a collective have sold well over 500K albums, receiving 2 Stella Awards, and 1 Dove Award.  

Platinum Albums

“Now Thats What I Call Music 23″

Gold Albums

Lloyd “Street Love”
Jagged Edge ” Jagged Edge”
Bow Wow/Omarion “Face Off”

Gold Single

Jagged Edge: “Good Luck Charm”

Grammy Nominations
Karina Pasian: Best Contemporary R&B album
Bow Wow/Omarion: Outstanding Duo or Group
Lecrae: Best Gospel Rap/Rock

Dove Awards

Lecrae: “Rehab Overdose”
Stella Awards

Trip Lee “Between Two Worlds”
Lecrae  ”Rehab The Overdose”

Cherish “Do It To It”


Memorial Day Mash Up!!!

Memorial Day MASHUP presented by Modern Misfitz
@ the Elm Street Bar in Deep Ellum.

A cool spot 2 land on May 31st at 8pm!!!
Local stars, drinks and music…
Plus a $100 footlocker giftcard raffle!!!

Doors open at 8pm
Performances start at 9pm
$7 after 10 it’s $5

Hosted by: HoneyMonroe Bry Jones

Performances by:
C. Polk
Franco Perry
Mike Mula
Charles K.
Groove Bumps
Modern Misfitz

Careers in High Demand


We live in a world where Multimedia Arts plays a role in everyday life. Driving to work, we listen to the newest songs humming from our speakers. We see familiar faces of celebrities on our television screen as we watch our favorite shows at night. We spend hours a week on our iPhones, adding pictures to social media sites and downloading the latest and greatest apps.

Behind the glass screen of the beloved electronic device, hands-on training and hours of hard work make possible the entertainment that we, as society, continue to enjoy. From the broadcast room in sports arenas, to the Mac Pro at a film production company, and the sound and control room of churches, application developers work hard behind the scenes to continue to bring multimedia entertainment right to our fingers.

In fact, the multimedia industry is booming with opportunity and careers. Based on statistics gathered from the Bureau of Labor, multiple salary sites, career services coordinators, and temp agencies; Mobile Applications Development and Multimedia Careers are becoming one of the top overall jobs to have. As the demand for graphics, animation, and similar features grow, so does the opportunity for someone to obtain a job in that industry.

So how does one who has always dreamed of producing music, owning a studio, creating mobile applications, designing animation for a video game, or editing a film get involved? Training and education, of course.

MediaTech is ideal for this type of training because we allow a student to focus on their goal without the distraction of “required courses”, such as English and Math, which four-year universities would necessitate. Class sizes are small, allowing students ample opportunity to get to know his or her instructor and arrange one-on-one time as needed, and real training from professionals with experience. MediaTech offers a year-long, extensive hands-on learning environment with the digital tools you need to succeed.

MediaTech is working towards one goal: assisting the student towards success and moving on to a job in the Media Arts industry. Whether it’s developing the next big social media app, producing Jazy’s multi-platinum album, creating animation for an action-packed video game, or editing videos for the local production company; the time to start a career in this industry is now.

Jimmy Page Receives Honorary Doctorate From Berklee College of Music

Jimmy Page Doctorate ’Music has so much power across so many avenues,’ guitar legend says as he receives degree


This weekend was a grand one for honorary doctorates. On Friday, the evening before Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs delivered the commencement address and received an honorary degree in humanities from his alma mater Howard University, Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page received a similar honor at Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time: Led Zeppelin

“What a spirit there is here,” the guitar legend said in his brief remarks after receiving the doctoral degree in music at the 7,000 seat Agganis Arena at Boston University. “Music has so much power across so many avenues. To be in a position to do the thing you’re best at, which is making music, and bringing joy and pleasure to other people, it can’t be much better than that. I wish to pass that on to all of you. Congratulations with your degrees and lots of success in the future.”

Berklee also presented honorary doctorates this year to R&B songwriter Valerie Simpson, jazz pianist Geru Allen and American Music Program youth jazz orchestra founder Thara Memory. Past honorees have included Willie Nelson, Steven Tyler and Annie Lennox.

“It’s truly an honour to be the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate at Berklee as the music of America has been a primary driving force in my early years and pivotal to my musical development,” Page said in an e-mail to Rolling Stone when the degree was announced in March.

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Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/jimmy-page-receives-honorary-doctorate-from-berklee-college-of-music-20140511#ixzz31Y95Ybrs
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